No, you should respond to the positive as well.

Always respond to your negative reviews. You want to show your customers that you care about them. And if they had a bad experience at your establishment, then you should ask them what you can do to do better next time. Maybe it’s a simple fix - a simple fix that ill save you customers in the future.

 Stand Out From the Crowd Respond to Reviews

As far as positive reviews, shoot for responding to approximately 50% of them. Save your time on the other 50%, but even happy customers like to be acknowledged from time to time.


How Should We Respond to Negative Customer Reviews?

Pay attention, because the following advice is important. First, read the review carefully, and try to glean why they were upset in the first place. If they mentioned a specific problem, then make that problem the subject of your response.

Keep in mind that customers want:

Customers Want Quality Service Reliability


Keep your response short and upbeat. You want to stay positive in the face of their negativity. Tell them that you are actively working toward fixing their stated problem. List some steps as to how you
plan on addressing the problem.

Lastly, invite them to communicate with you offline to fix the problem. Consider bringing them in to help guide you in the process.

Remember to keep it offline, though. You don’t need any more negative publicity on the internet.