If you know there are already some negative comments or reviews out there, to be honest, there isn’t much you can do about the reviews themselves. You can’t necessarily change anything that was written about your business in the past but there is A LOT that you can change regarding how you want your online reputation to be seen in the future.

Funny Reputation Drawing

You should be working toward a reputation in which the positive far outweighs the negative. If you have 99% excellent reviews and only 1% negative reviews, which do you think people are going to take more notice of?

Work on producing more positive content on the web and this will not only go towards improving your Google rankings, but it will also create a positive reputation that is backed up by an equal amount of positive reviews.

Concentrate on creating published content that is useful and sends out a positive message about you and your business.

Blog posts, helpful videos, and content that people find valuable will all go towards pushing your business name up Google search rankings and getting you noticed in a positive way.


Is Online Reputation Management Only About Negativity?

Is Online Reputation Management Only About Negativity


Not at all.
Online reputation management is also about taking a proactive approach to how your business is viewed by others, namely potential customers.

It’s also about spreading the word about your brand, thereby resulting in creating an excellent reputation amongst your customers and growing your existing customer base.

How your business is viewed, is really up to you. Hard work and an excellent product or service will create a buzz about your business in the local area and online.


Positive Reviews Attrack More Customers

There is nothing better for your reputation than great online reviews.

Any company can advertise how great it is, how great its products are but, more than anything else, potential customers trust reviews from past customers.

Reading about someone else’s experience with your company can determine whether or not someone will give you a call or place an order with your company.

Great reviews or comments on review websites or social media sites such as Google and Facebook, are essentially free advertising for your company, which is great! It’s up to you to take advantage of it.

But optimally managing your reputation is also ensuring that new reviews are published as regularly as possible. If no comment is left on a product or service, users have no reference to turn to. Therefore, they can’t form an opinion.

If your competitors do have good reviews and most importantly, have responded to them, they have much better chances of winning the sale...

As bad as negative comments, not having any review (or very little) is also a critical situation that needs to be controlled as soon as possible!