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All over the World, Reputation-Marketing.com helps businesses better understand & improve customer experience, and manage the brand reputation

Operating Worldwide

Reputation-Marketing.com is a leading Reputation Management and Marketing platform owned by MAXXCOM Internet. In 2007, when we were just a small start-up, we understood the importance of customer feedback.

Since then we have been effortlessly upgrading the platform, expanding our reach to now serve businesses in over 60 countries and in 16 different languages.

Measurable Results

We currently operate a multi-channel reputation management platform with 600+ review sources monitored worldwide. The platform provides an easy way for businesses to monitor, collect and amplify customer reviews.

We deliver measurable results and help clients collect more and better customer feedback, improve ratings and ultimately grow revenue.

Outstanding Suppport

When companies start to listen to what customers have to say, they earn trust, take better operational decisions and succeed. We are committed to deliver the best platform that makes listening easy and actionable.

Founded 13 years ago by people with great passion for customer care, every day we work hard to make sure our clients get the best results when using the software. We believe in the value of outstanding support!

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Get More Reviews with our Exclusive Friction Free Review Collection Process

Why Choose Us?

Our technology automates and streamlines the collection of reviews, but not only...

Friction-Free Process

We make it super easy for your customers to leave a review

Barnacle SEO Optimization

We create a balanced online review presence for your business across multiple review sites

Reputation Management

We allow you to monitor and manage your reputation in real time and quickly respond

Customer Experience

We offer the opportunity to learn and improve your business products and services


We run the most featured SaaS platform out there for complete online review management and reputation marketing.

Thousands of brands & businesses worldwide use the platform everyday to improve customer experience, attract more customers and increase revenue.

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About Reputation-Marketing.com

Reputation-Marketing.com helps Small & Medium Businesses, Franchises, Large Businesses with multiple locations, to get a competitive advantage by marketing their excellent offline reputation online.